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The Purple Dot Project is a music and theatre performance project conceived and created by Cantor Susanne Katchko, dedicated to perpetuating Yiddish as an important linguistic and cultural influence.  In addition, the PDP seeks to foster collaborative relationships between disparate Jewish communities, worldwide, through the study and performance of Yiddish.  We do this through workshops at schools, community centers and synagogues.

Thank you to The Dr. David M. Milch Foundation!

In November, 2013, Purple Dot received a generous grant from The Dr. David M. Milch Foundation for the development of an original composition which will use the poetry of 2005 NEA National Heritage Fellowship Laureate, Beyle Schaechter-Gottesman, z"l.  The music will be by internationally-renowned Israeli composer, Ella Milch Sheriff.  The piece, a song-cycle slated to consist of seven songs, will open the concert season of the Raanana Symphonette of Israel in October, 2015.

There will also be a scholarly symposium on Yiddish and the work of Mrs. Schaechter-Gottesman, z"l, organized around the premiere.

Memorial Event for Beyle Schaechter-Gottesman, z"l
Sunday, January 12, 2014, 1:30 P.M., Bronx, NY
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Mission StatementSusanne Katchko

          The Purple Dot Project (PDP) is dedicated to awakening interest in Jewish music and theatre, to entertain, educate and to sustain awareness of the stories of the dwindling numbers of Holocaust survivors who remain, as well as those of the masses whose voices were stilled prematurely.

          Its focus is Yiddish/Eastern European Jewish music and theatre.  By performing songs and theatrical expressions which depict life in pre-Holocaust Europe, we seek to inform and engage our audiences in honoring, celebrating and remembering the people and culture that was targeted for extinction.  We say, “Mir zaynen do!”-“We are here!”

        In addition, we can assure that the souls of our people will survive through dramatic retelling of first-person anecdotes of life before, during and after the storm.

        We are also future-bound:  Susanne’s creative partner in the Purple Dot Project is award-winning, Israeli composer and pianist, Osnat Netzer.  We intend to integrate new music in Yiddish and other languages to fulfill our mission of celebrating the depth, wisdom, outstanding humanism and beauty of our Jewish heritage.  Our work has universal appeal.

Susanne singing Cantorial Selections

(Click to listen with Windows Media Player)Susanne Katchko

Avinu Malkenu (Cantorial)

Kol Nidre (Cantorial)

Susanne's YouTube Links
"Ich Hob Dich Tsufiel Lib" (I Love You Too Much),
"Margaritkelach" (Daisies)
"In A Kleyner Shtibele" by Josef Achron (August 2012)
 "S'iz Matzo Do"  by Beyle Schaechter-Gottesman (April 2013)


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